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LGCY Sports Bra & Shorts

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Shop Our Women's LGCY Fitness Collection

These amazing fitness sets have a unique look that will make you feel like your living a legacy in the gym or any where you go. With the stylish fabric material that gives you that curvy ribbed unique look that makes you feel confident.

This material is made with a thin but not see through material to stay breathable through out your day.

They are made with a spandex and polyester material to make it easy to clean.

If you have any questions on your size or color options you can sign up with your email and we will be happy to assist you!

 Made breathable to make sure you can move around with out getting over heated fast and nice to show off your curves to feel more confident in your training or daily routines. Check out all the colors so you can mix and match all of them to create a weekly fitness outfit. Easy to wash and drys quick! Stay feeling good!