About Us

Liv'n Legacy is more than a brand it's a lifestyle. I know there are many individuals that have came from nothing to create their own legacy by striving for what they want in life. That being said by purchasing from our store you will always look in the mirror and see a legacy being made with the style's you love.

Our team has worked hard to make sure we provide great quality items to make it easy and affordable for anyone to purchase at no discretion. We definitely stand by our products by evaluating each one to make sure every customer is satisfied. 

We plan on making this clothing line the next big brand by motivating anyone around you to push them selfs to the next level in there life by being the best they can be in this lifetime. By wearing our products you will be reminding your self, and others around you that you are living to your full potential and leaving a legacy behind.

Don't forget to tag us well your wearing or using our products at @Livnlegacy and share to your major social media platforms!