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Sport Fitness Shorts

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Shope our Lgcy shorts collection!

We are happy to provide our Liv'n Lgcy members with the best style of shorts you can get on the market. All our shorts are made with genuine quality to last a long time. These shorts are made with polyester material and are very breathable so it will be easy to move around or do your daily routines in.

Comfort is our middle name because we understand how uncomfortable it can be when you are wearing material that will not do you justice in weather conditions. We make sure to manufacture the best of the best quality and look for our customers. So we hope you enjoy these short's as much as we do! Guaranteed great quality or you can return your item for full refund!

  • Shorts come in several colors to meet your taste or you can mix and match with other shirts.
  • The material is made with 80% polyester and 20% cotton
  • These shorts also bring confidence to your day by looking in the mirror to remind your self you are a living legacy!

If you have any questions on the size of your order you can sign up with your email and let us know how we can help you.